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room to spread their wings

i had to build a run and QUICK.    again, no plans.    i figured i’d just make a square around the coop i had (photo a few posts back) so i could let them roam around in a decent sized space.    i bought some chicken wire and some 8′ long 2″x2″ pieces of cedar wood and got to work.   if you’ve never tried to unroll a batch of heavy duty chicken wire…   i’m here to tell you it’s not easy to do alone.    i did not walk away unscathed.    OUCH.    i would recommend wearing a thick shirt….   with sleeves.    gloves are also a very good idea.

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the first few weeks

while the chicks were still tiny and needing a heat lamp i set them up in a plastic bin i got from target.    we kept them inside for the first couple of weeks and then i moved them into the coop i bought.    now, since i was completely inexperienced i didn’t think about the fact that those tiny things were going to have to grow significantly before i could tell which ones were roosters!     i INTENDED to only keep 6 or so.    the guy that built the coop assured me 6 would be fine in this coop.   well, as they grew i realized a) we were gonna need a bigger coop, and b) this coop was not going to hold up anyway.    i had a major dilemma.    i needed a much bigger coop and i had ZERO building skills.    my experience with a drill was hanging a few curtain rods.   

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