so i learned to use a drill

my first undertaking with the drill was going to be some raised beds to plant a garden in.    my backyard is just about as ugly as you could imagine.   no landscaping whatsoever, only some small random tress, and a bit of bamboo in one corner.   the long rectangle shape of it doesn’t help much either.   i was hoping that my raised bed plan would give it at least a little bit of life and how hard could it be to nail some wood together in a box shape?   i took a trip to lowe’s and browsed the lumber department, i had some pieces of cedar cut to make 4 beds….  2 4’x4′, 1 2’x4′, and one 6’x6′.     i brought the lumber home and built all four of them in a day!    i was pretty proud of myself.   no plans or instructions….   who needs ’em?

excuse the terrible quality.   this was taken by my son with my cellphone…. which is obviously not an iphone.    this was probably in late march.

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the first few weeks

while the chicks were still tiny and needing a heat lamp i set them up in a plastic bin i got from target.    we kept them inside for the first couple of weeks and then i moved them into the coop i bought.    now, since i was completely inexperienced i didn’t think about the fact that those tiny things were going to have to grow significantly before i could tell which ones were roosters!     i INTENDED to only keep 6 or so.    the guy that built the coop assured me 6 would be fine in this coop.   well, as they grew i realized a) we were gonna need a bigger coop, and b) this coop was not going to hold up anyway.    i had a major dilemma.    i needed a much bigger coop and i had ZERO building skills.    my experience with a drill was hanging a few curtain rods.   

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Day One

It was mid march of this year (2011 – spring break) when our box of chicks arrived.    I had been discussing raising hens with my kids for weeks and weeks but I wanted to be SORT OF prepared.   I needed to find a coop….  I didn’t think I was remotely skilled in building so I was going to need to buy one and they aren’t cheap.   Well, after an extreme amount of prodding by my daughter I just jumped right in and ordered a batch of chicks.   TWENTY NINE of them.    I figured I’d have enough time to get a coop later.

They arrived at the post office in a box no larger than a shoebox and it was love at first sight.

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what’s up?

i started my “adventure” 6 months ago so i’ll have to do some back tracking to get up to date.   i wish i’d started my blog sooner but i always seem to have these epiphanies after the fact.   i’ll just have to “re-create” it all from memory and some adorable photos.