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the insane wind blew the roof off my coop!

it happened once before so i always worry about it happening again (lost sleep the last time it stormed) and today the roof finally blew off.     luckily it was not raining so the hens went on about their business and even left me more eggs than i’ve ever collected in one day.

i had neglected to check on them for most of the day because i had other things going on.    i looked outside around 3 pm and saw the roof was gone.    i had used a staple gun to put sheets of metal siding on the top…..   flimsy staples that were really not the most brilliant idea but they had held on for a good while (almost a year with only one other incident).    since i was aware the weather was going to get wet in the next few days i HAD to fix it ASAP.

after picking up the kids i got started.    i do not have a cordless drill so i had to work attached to a long extension cord.    i also don’t have a ladder so i stood on a storage crate.    luckily i had snagged some wood from a neighbor who had replaced some boards on his fence and i used those to make a better roof platform.    i SCREWED the metal sheets into the wood so they will not fly off in the wind anymore.    it wasn’t fun trying to hold them down by myself with the wind blowing at 30+ mph gusts!!     i got it all fixed up in an hour and i feel confident it will not blow away in the next storm.


(and i still need to paint the coop!!!)



lunch from my garden

fresh chard, arugula, chives, and fried eggs from my hens.   i also added some hemp seeds, a bit of veganaise (vegan mayo) some tahini, and salt and pepper.    it was delicious!

well it’s been a bumpy ride since my last post

life is like that sometimes.     i think i’ve lost and gained a couple of hens since my last post.    i have a total of 11 hens.   9 of them are from the original “batch”.   1 i took in because she was little and being picked on and i thought she’d do better in my flock.    another is an ameracauna i got at the feed store….   she had been dropped of at the feed store i frequent and the employee said i could have her if i wanted her so i brought her home.

a fast forward to present day

i’m still working on how things got to here but i thought i’d share two photos from the other day.   the hens are now 7 months old.   the firs one is Juno and the second one is Knight.

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completely off topic but i haven’t posted in quite a few days so i thought i’d share…..     the pie i shouldn’t have eaten….    i feel nauseous!     my pancreas is in revolt.

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room to spread their wings

i had to build a run and QUICK.    again, no plans.    i figured i’d just make a square around the coop i had (photo a few posts back) so i could let them roam around in a decent sized space.    i bought some chicken wire and some 8′ long 2″x2″ pieces of cedar wood and got to work.   if you’ve never tried to unroll a batch of heavy duty chicken wire…   i’m here to tell you it’s not easy to do alone.    i did not walk away unscathed.    OUCH.    i would recommend wearing a thick shirt….   with sleeves.    gloves are also a very good idea.

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