so i learned to use a drill

my first undertaking with the drill was going to be some raised beds to plant a garden in.    my backyard is just about as ugly as you could imagine.   no landscaping whatsoever, only some small random tress, and a bit of bamboo in one corner.   the long rectangle shape of it doesn’t help much either.   i was hoping that my raised bed plan would give it at least a little bit of life and how hard could it be to nail some wood together in a box shape?   i took a trip to lowe’s and browsed the lumber department, i had some pieces of cedar cut to make 4 beds….  2 4’x4′, 1 2’x4′, and one 6’x6′.     i brought the lumber home and built all four of them in a day!    i was pretty proud of myself.   no plans or instructions….   who needs ’em?

excuse the terrible quality.   this was taken by my son with my cellphone…. which is obviously not an iphone.    this was probably in late march.

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